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NYC travel review and tips

As I took my first step out of a yellow cab into the city, ‘so good they named it twice’, I was overwhelmed. “Welcome to New Yowrak,” the cabdriver yelled in a heavy local accent. Horns sounding, lights flashing, buskers … Continue reading

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OPINION: Lets see change

When will the day come the media is free from an American shooting story? This is the question on my mind today following the news of two separate stories that happened this week. One where four New Yorkers were shot … Continue reading

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NYPD officer convicted of plotting to eat women

Kidnapping, cooking and eating women was the plot set out by a convicted New York City police officer which revealed a fantasy online cannibalism world. Gilberto Valle (28) was charged today for gathering target’s personal information through a law enforcement … Continue reading

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Will we see media dictatorships?

A drastic and potentially harmful idea has hit the media industry this week. By the end of the year the FCC may ease media ownership regulations. For some media outlets, this could be great news and improve revenue in the … Continue reading

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