REVIEW: Nothing sour to say about this product

While flicking through magazine pages of ‘what to buy this month’ I get quite bored of the fact I do not have an endless pit of money to spend ridiculous amounts on a candle that lasts for 100 hours or a pair of shades worth more than my car. But today I was pleasantly surprised at a new health gadget advertised in the Stylist magazine.

Try and guess what it is from the picture below…


This new product from Zing Anything allows you to flavour water, or any other liquid substance with citrus. Being economically and eco friendly I think this product is just what I was looking for to zest up my boring bottle of water.

As well as being cheap at £14.99 and good for the environment as a replacement for bottled flavoured water it is also extremely beneficial to your health (that is if you are adding it to water and not vodka!) Lemons for example, are good for detoxification, digestion, and the immune system and is also an anti-aging substance. It is used in many successful dieting tips for many of its worthy uses.

On Zing Anything’s website it suggests to: “Enhance the flavour and health benefits of water by using our Aqua or Citrus Zinger water bottles with fruit, veggies, and herbs to create refreshingly flavoured drinks.”

Instead of forking out around £2 each time for bottled flavoured water I will buy this slick new product and be deliciously happy with the infusion of citrus in my water that comes off the freshest Scottish springs – I have no excuse to be sour about it!

Zing Anything has a range of products to add that extra flavour into boring food and drinks. Visit their website for more information:


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