NYPD officer convicted of plotting to eat women


Picture credit to nydailynews.com

Kidnapping, cooking and eating women was the plot set out by a convicted New York City police officer which revealed a fantasy online cannibalism world.

Gilberto Valle (28) was charged today for gathering target’s personal information through a law enforcement database, targets which included his wife.

When sentenced in June, the nicknamed “cannibal cop” will face up to life in prison on the charge of conspiracy to kidnap and up to one year in prison for database breaches.

His attorney, Julia Gatto argued that Valle was only engaged in a fantasy role online. His lawyers said they would appeal the case.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said that the Internet was a forum for free exchanging ideas however does not discuss immunity for plotting and taking actions to carry out crimes.

The jury of six women and six men had deliberated since Thursday, before giving their guilty verdict, with evidence including “human meat recipes”, and images of women being cooked.

Valle’s defence lawyer Gatto told jurors that he had not met with any plotters he had discussed the fantasies online with, no money was exchanged or committed any crimes.

Kathleen Mangan (27), a former New York City school teacher and Valle’s now-estranged wife, was the first prosecution witness in the case. She testified that she had found plans on her husband’s laptop to torture her.

Mangan said she read that Valle had plans to tie her up and slit her throat.

As soon as she contacted authorities about the findings she left New York with her daughter to her parents home in Nevada.

Highlighting an internet underworld where people talk about topics like cannibalism, exchange images and videos, this trial has uncovered a section of the web which sits under the radar, however much of it is staged, often for sexual fantasies.



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