OPINION: Horse meat, faeces, could this get any worse?


Chocolate almond cake served and sold at IKEA

I like burgers, I also like IKEA meatballs, I adore the chocolate almond cake it sells in its cafes and shops, however as a horse lover and a no s**t type of gal I’m a losing faith in retailers as such.

We have all heard the horse meat jokes, but prepare yourself for an overload of more food related gags.

Today it was reported that traces of sewage bacteria was found in furniture giant, IKEA’s chocolate almond cake in China.

The flat pack retailers have recalled it from all its 18 UK stores.

Now, I’m no expert in furniture building, or cooking for that matter. But I really think this retailer should stick to what it does best, the former.

Faecal coliform, which is bacteria found in human and animal waste, were present in cake tested. The Chinese authorities have now destroyed around two tonnes worth, or, as some would say s**t loads.

IKEA insists that the UK and Ireland are not affected – that was nice of them.

Did they think that China would think of faeces as delicatessen type ingredient and they would be ok with this? After all they are no stranger to weird and wonderful foods such as bats and bird sick, but I think this takes cooking to a new, unhealthy level and dangerous level and that serious measures need to be taken against the retailer.

This cake scandal comes days after IKEA was forced to take its popular dish of Swedish meatballs off its menu after tests made in the Czech Republic on the meatballs found traces of horse meat.

It also follows a number of food regulation scandals made by Tesco and Findus ready meals where horse meat at pig traces were discovered in 100% beef products.

Dining at IKEA has always been a great end to a stressful shopping trip around the gigantic stores which are so vast they work up an appetite, however, I will never be THAT hungry. If needs must I will take the meatballs.


About hparr247

Glasgow Caledonian University journalism student who has studied at Stony Brook University in New York. Curious and amazed about the world, what it is up to, and its people.
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