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Although I hate to use the term ‘new media’ as everything has been new media since the evolution of the first newspaper I do love the fact that news companies are branching into new areas of media.

Social networking sites, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr are all examples of the sorts of media newspapers like the New York Times are branching in to in a greater effort to connect with their audience, however they like gathering their news.

Full of color, spice, interesting angles, clothes, food, scenery and much more the New York Times Pinterest account offers its viewers 46 different boards  (which each contain a specific theme) like a Thanksgiving board, Kitchen designs boards and boards with different styles of fashion watches on.

The website allows people to comment on pictures, get involved, take their own pictures and pin the NYT pictures to their own Pinterest boards – sharing and involving themselves with the newspaper and the ‘lifestyle’ it offers through its pictures.

The NYT Pinterest account has over 38,400 followers but this is not the only newspaper that offers its readers this online experience over 100 newspapers in just the US are jumping on this pinning craze.

Since the internet boom in 2000 the newspaper industry has been slowly struggling for readership leading them to try new ideas, go different directions to go online, to get involved with what people are using and grabbing their attention with the likes of Pinterest.

“The percentage of Americans saying they saw news or news headlines on a social networking site yesterday has doubled – from 9% to 19% – since 2010,” reported Pew Research Center.

From this finding and from the different areas available to get news we know that everyone gets their news from different places.

I think that the idea being having a Pinterest account or something like the website, which is similar to Pinterest but used more as a citizen blogging type website, is so that newspapers can direct viewers to

their paper or online site with the help of these appealing photographs. This is a good way if the viewer has visited Pinterest first they can then be tempted to visit the site.

This idea of having Pinterest or social networking sites like Twitter  as apps on mobile devices (because here is where most ‘new media’ people get a quick update of news first) as a sort of first screen point of contact with readers.

“Content on the screen often triggers a desire for more background context on a particular actor, topic or discussion. This is a role that was traditionally fulfilled by print media through newspapers, magazines and reference guides before the widespread use of the Internet,” (

Of course some critics say that posting pictures on Pinterest is a sort of advertising and what does it have to do with the news but I think it is a great way to get readers or prospect readers to get involved in a more informal and personal way.


About hparr247

Glasgow Caledonian University journalism student who has studied at Stony Brook University in New York. Curious and amazed about the world, what it is up to, and its people.
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