Online advertisments- selling nothing but a dose of stress

What is it about online advertisements that make us scroll over the settings button to pop block ups and advertisements – they are just simply annoying.

Well…most are.

The advertisements that flash, crawl, creep and bounce around our computer screens are as much use and pleasing as a person screaming the deal in our faces with a speakerphone.

If companies would take their advertisements down a notch making them a little more obtrusive and offensive maybe they would be noticed more- just like the saying “less is more.”

Online advertisement has struggled in recent times with the business growth slowing. The need for advertisers to get more clicks, more views and more hits is greater than ever which makes them divert to making these eyeball scarring, painfully irritating advertisements.

“Advertising may be described as the science of arresting human intelligence long enough to get money from it,” said Stephen Leacock, 20th century writer, teacher and political scientist.

Speaking from experience, I will leave a website which looks cluttered, flashy, full of links, because it looks like it will be full of viruses and advertisements I don’t care about and pictures that are not censored.

By making the ad simpler, cleaner, less obtrusive, better quality, more engaging they will gain more attention and the person is less likely to leave the page.

While searching on the web I sometimes find myself in an advertisement roadblock battle where I am closing more windows than opened or sometimes when ads are calling out to me when I roll my mouse over the box – this simply will make a person leave the sight quicker than they found it.

As journalism now focuses to online more and more companies look to place their ads on websites. However there is still a lot to be said for print advertisements create larger revenue than online advertisements.

The overall look of the page leaks an online environment; websites such as Apple have perfected this atmosphere with clear, clean advertisements appealing to the viewer.


About hparr247

Glasgow Caledonian University journalism student who has studied at Stony Brook University in New York. Curious and amazed about the world, what it is up to, and its people.
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