Facebook is hiding something from us…

Were you aware that what crops up on your Facebook news feed is only a selected amount of posts from the actual amount of content and that you can only see a proportion of the number of pages on the social networking site?

Either did I until now…

Today Facebook cleared up the hostile news to users who were angry to find that their social networking site was restricted. Will Cathcart, production manager of Facebook, spoke of the problem at the website’s headquarters today.

He said four factors come in to play when the visibility of a post becomes apparent. Firstly if you have liked or been involved in a Facebook-ers posts before – the more you like and are interactive the more you will see.

Secondly if you have interacted with similar posts in the past for example if you are a big video liker you will see more video posts.

Thirdly, the popularity of a post – the more people who like it, the more visibility it will have.

And lastly if the page or post has had many complaints by other users you will be less likely to see their content on your news feed.


Many of the complaints have come from small businesses which blames Facebook for only a proportion of their posts to be seen and decreasing their sales.

Now when thinking about all these factors I can see their method in why doing so. Facebook is extremely personal. It is a social networking site about peoples lives so I can understand that they are trying to tailor the content to what each user wants to see and their interest because otherwise flicking through hundreds of meaningless posts would get annoying for users and they would leave.

I noticed this when scrolling down my newsfeed this morning (yes some people use it like they are checking the newspapers!) because I came across lots and lots of photographs not related to me. Such as “John Smith likes a photograph of Nora Brown,” well for one I don’t know who Nora Brown is and two I don’t really care what photographs John Smith is liking.  But because I like my friend’s photographs and other pages I am subject to seeing photograph after photograph.

Funny meme.

But what happens when something we want to see but does not appear in our feeds? You would have to go directly on to the person or page to see the contents.  This has made people a little angry as they feel that they are missing out on both shopping and news experiences.

Facebook has taken on their complaint and promised they don’t use this filtering process as a way of targeting advertisements.

For now we will have to put up with the changes alongside the Facebook changes of a couple profile (don’t get me started on that subject) and be happy for what Facebook does best – taking up hours of out lives and occasionally being informal.
Click here to learn more about your Facebook news feed (some changes may have been made since the making of this video).

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Glasgow Caledonian University journalism student who has studied at Stony Brook University in New York. Curious and amazed about the world, what it is up to, and its people.
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