Get your hands off my cookies!

Now here is a pleasent surprise in 2012 where more and more news websites and articles you run into have a paywall… The Financial Times has taken down its paywall for its Money Supply blog.

So instead of paying a fee the FT’s blog, along with some of its others such as Alphaville, will be at your fingertips…but at your personal information’s risk.

To enter the blog, if not paying a fee you will have to register and by doing so the FT will have your information  – allowing them to tailor their adds just as well as if you were buying a suit on Savile Row.

Now this may seem like a Minority Report movie scene when Tom Cruise visits The GAP and the living hologram advertisement of a woman knows exactly who he is and what he last bought. However I feel that this is a more effective way of advertising.

The moment I noticed cookie tracking advertisements, often called as ‘behavioral tracking’ more was when I saw trainers flash across my screen and sportswear, I knew instantly that my brother had been on my computer!

Some people disagree with this way of advertising and say it violates privacy. I do agree with them; however I feel that it is an excellent way for advertisers to get their product to who wants it most.

There are too many advertisements that annoy people and that are unwanted (thank goodness for ad blocks) so what better way than to give people what they want and what they will click, giving the ad more hits and also helping revenue.

Since 2008 the news industry has crippled in revenue terms lacking in money from their two customers people and advertisements. Therefore if tracking cookies can make for better revenue and therefore better news – I am all for it!

Click here for a Wall Street Journal video on internet cookies and how they work.


About hparr247

Glasgow Caledonian University journalism student who has studied at Stony Brook University in New York. Curious and amazed about the world, what it is up to, and its people.
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