Ding, ding, next in the ring is local and national news

A discussion in my business journalism class came up today which made me question my loyalties to which type of news I follow.

A class member said that they would rather read the local newspaper than a national one because they thought it was more important.

I personally disagree with that statement because I believe both local and national journalism are equally as important as each other.

I think that if a person picked up either a national papers such as Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today or a local paper such as Newsday or The Houston Chronicle they would learn something about where they live be it in America as a whole or in Smithtown on Long Island.

Why? For many reasons:

–          Local news gives you important information that directly affects you and your area, however national news may have an effect on your life depending on the issue

–          It is important to know what is going on outside your area – people travel!

–          National papers are written differently to local papers so it is crucial for learning purposes to be able to read a paper like such

–          Often the quality of national papers are much higher therefore another reason to read a national paper for learning purposes

–          National papers have more in-depth reporting whereas monetary issues may inhibit your local news to not have this ability

“With more bureaus, staff members and usually more money than local newspapers, national papers have the breadth to dedicate more reporters to each issue, which can lead to better reporting,” Subscription.com

–          It is important to read local news as often it is more personal because it focuses on a specific area and its people and businesses

“Since their scope and the number of readers they serve is smaller, these papers can focus more on each issue and bring extensive coverage, context and a local perspective to the news,” Subscription.com

The list for reasons why reading both local and national newspapers could go on forever. The main reason is that by looking at both you will have a more rounded perception of the world, your country, and your area and the effects the reported issues may have on you.

It’s not just newspapers we can look at when addressing this issue local websites such as patch.com have a localized news content and can be just as informative to someone living in a specific ‘patch’ as the New York Times website would be – but depending on the subject.

As goes for local and national broadcast. Both are very different in the way they convey the news and what stories they run but both are equally as important as the other.

“A Pew Research Center Report released in August 2012 indicated that local broadcast news programming has the highest positive rating for credibility when compared to cable news outlets,” TVB Local Market Media Solutions.

Overall I personally think that you cannot live your life solely reading or viewing local or

National coverage of Hurricane Sandy damage in NY

national news. Take hurricane sandy coverage for example – if it weren’t for the national news we wouldn’t know what was doing on in New Jersey, however if it wasn’t for local news we wouldn’t know what was going on in Long Island.

A happy medium is struck when consuming both local and national news – a person who does so will be not only well-informed about their immediate area but of their country and also the world.


About hparr247

Glasgow Caledonian University journalism student who has studied at Stony Brook University in New York. Curious and amazed about the world, what it is up to, and its people.
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