Memes – making politics funny

Now, this is a story which made me laugh this week. ‘Binders full of Big Bird: The risk and benefits of reporting on memes.’

For those who are unaware of what meme is well it can be many things, an internet meme is a concept which spreads over the web. They can be in the form of an email, picture or video or any generated message form. Recent memes are where people take a picture or graphic and place a humorous caption on it.

I personally find memes hilarious, my home university page has one, Stony Brook University have one, different movies have meme pages, clubs and organizations, you name it there is probably at least one meme for it.

Memes for me are only about the funny factor, I could spend hours laughing at scenarios created by these messages that I can relate to.

When memes reach to the level of almost politically attacking a candidate this can turn memes a little more serious and question their true influence.

Mitt Romney mentioned in the more recent and last presidential debate that he requested “binders full of women” when looking to employ women candidates to serve in his cabinet.

A media manager and Tumblr-or jumped on the ‘binders full of women’ bandwagon and created a page called solely on the candidate’s words just a minute after the words left Romney’s mouth.

The site is humorous and features many scenarios which all involve captions around women in binders. The page could be looked at a political attack on the candidate however the creator said that she never created the blog to be politically challenging but because she thought it was a funny saying.

I personally think that during this media centered day and age we cannot complain about memes which surround politics and may be a risk to campaigns may they bring risks or benefits.

Of course Romney won’t be too pleased about this blog but he said what he said and people are clever, they pick up on quirky quotes. It’s the one thing that makes the debates easier to watch and talk about after.

Since time began candidates have been posting slogans about one and another and trying to lower the opinion of the opposite candidate – why in a world where the “people formally known as the audience” would we hold back from expressing our political views through a meme?

If anything Romney should be happy that his Big Bird memes are in the shaddow of these pieces of comedy!

Memes often start with celebrity and well known faces – with messages added. Here is a short video on The Origins Of Meme.


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Glasgow Caledonian University journalism student who has studied at Stony Brook University in New York. Curious and amazed about the world, what it is up to, and its people.
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