HP MagCloud – making publishing easy and inexpensive

While doing some research on how newspapers and print journalism is progressing and adapting I came across Hewitt and Packard’s (HP) MagCloud. I was surprised that I never knew about it before but also a bit disappointed that I never thought that something like this was available!

“HP MagCloud is a is a web service that empowers users to self-publish and distribute content—for business or personal use—as a professional-quality print publication or digitally for mobile and online viewing on today’s most popular devices.” (MagCloud Learn)

This fantastic service allows anyone who can produce a publication and format it into a PDF to supply their work to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Many colleges use this website to cut down on printing costs. I think it is a fantastic service to provide ass it takes off the pressure of distribution costs – something that is always a struggle with a small scale publication. Any college or university publication should definitely check this out!

A magazine or newspaper with around 12 pages may cost around $2 to produce and send to your door.  You can also find these publications online for free or for a small fee – perfect for those ipad and smartphone users out there!

I think this is a great way to share your work with family, friends or strangers around the world – it gives anyone the chance to have their own print publication, like what a blog offers however in a printed format- as not everyone likes reading blogs!

MagCloud publications can be ordered with a credit card or through a Paypal account. Each publication is printed by HP printers and sent to your door with free shipping.


About hparr247

Glasgow Caledonian University journalism student who has studied at Stony Brook University in New York. Curious and amazed about the world, what it is up to, and its people.
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